Papoose - Motion Picture lyrics
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Papoose - Motion Picture lyrics

Yo Pap, yo son,
Wutchu doin out here this late son
Hey nah I came to the 24h store and all that
Out here fuckin and playin dice with these niggas man
Aye you know my style
Man, I’m just makin it rain and it calls your lady, I’m bout to take it in man
Yea, me too man
Yea, it’s like 4 in the morning man
Take it in dog
It’s 4 o’clock, yea we’ll get some rest

Ayo I left the corner 4 in the morning
Henny’d up, hit the crib, tumbled down the stairs
Pick me up
Overheard my own people planning to hit me up
And they ain’t even know I was listening, silly fucks
That Oby stuntin, yo sun town kidneys up
And clappin him on the top of his head, that’s to be dub
I dug in my pockets so I could load the millie up
And all I felt was philly blunts, I’m pissy drunk
Body me, how can it be? We blood brothers
We hit behind the same cars with slugs hallin
We talk about the future and rise to the bar coder
But now you got envisions of making this dog suffer
Thinking – what could’ve made him flip?
Is he a blood and he think I’m crip?
Is he in love and I hit his chick
No time to think, creep like a night burglar
‘Cause for my life ballin sight, murder vice versa
I bust through the door ready to let my iron boom
I’mma turn this living room to the dying room
Turn the bathroom to the blastroom
Bedroom to the deadroom
Plain left em red, dead do em

Ayo Pap, remember that kid trap beat went back in ’94?
What about him?
Yea, well that coward nigga home now
And he talkin reckless nigga
Meet me on time so I can kick it with you
No doubt
You know how it’s gonna go down

Word in the ghetto this kid I had drama with before
In same tone just came home, he want a war
That black on black crom it’s one truthly
But if my brother try to do me I have to fe5 in the spooky
Who tryin to shoot me? Gotta be loony tryna go against my block with the tooly
That’s like a ox to a uzzi
Thought that will one of them live so we hopped in the hoopty
Hit his crib, caught him in the bathroom watchin a movie
I asked a few questions, he tried to fool me
So I electrocuted him, I kicked the tv inside the Jacuzzi
Some naked cutie ran in the room screaming don’t shoot me
My bullets hit her dead and a cooty came out her booty
I grab this chick named Ruby, put er to a Dooby
And made er tell me where the rest of the crew be
Soon as we hit the other spot
Yo park the car in the other block
Keep it runnin cuz if they see us comin I’m sellin hap
Shut the fuck up, I’m runnin the shots
In fact Blacka take the Max back and clack past that
The other block hopped out of the car, gets cocked, ready to rock
Pull right up on the side and bust an offduty cop
I told him let’s make a deal, split it partially
You don’t disrespect my robbery I won’t disconnect yo arteries
He poofed and didn’t bother me, sorta hire me
My niggas bought a call on me screwing er with authority
Bum rushed out way in the dorm, rage of a war
Waving a 4, yall know what this is, stay on the floor
I pick one of them up and put his face to the wall
Told him I want the guns, drugs, jewels papers and all but he stall
He tried to lie and say some chick had it
Soon as he said these words, boom, I gave him a miscarriage
Put the money in the big baggin
I saw 2 of the dreads on the floor chit chattin and slick actin
I told em I picture you flitch faggie
With strong grabbed the big ratchet from flip jacket and shit shattered
We walked out of the building, hold the cases of loo
When we made it off the stu niggas was blazin off the roof
My man tumbled down the bedroom steps
Grabbed him by his shoulder, turned him over, looked in the face of death
He was shaken stretched trembling, sighing the shit
I take the money out his pocket, no sense of dying with this
C*** the hammer on my iron and spit on everybody cryin, I’m hit
My whole life relied on my clique
Ran out of bullets, niggas pullin up behind me in whips
Bat me down, looked around, all my carmies was hit
To all the thugs still breathing, take a deep breath
He who live the street life shall die a street death
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