Trey Songz - Flick lyrics
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Trey Songz - Flick lyrics

[Verse 1]
Isn't this moment, so great? Ooh yeah, look in to your lovely face and what you doing
When we make, whatever we making, don't wanna say love cause you so afraid of it
Before we do it again, I wanna know yeah, if we can make this moment last forever
Know that you are my star, I love how you play your part
I wanna make a movie, we got a whole star cast, baby hold on, let me get my flash
Move slow and move fast, ooh do it like that
We gon' make a movie, and we sticking to the script, bet your old man ain't hit it like this
Give me lil' kiss, we gon' make a little flick
[Verse 2]
Girl I love your frame, I'm about to zoom in, time for scenes to change, positions, we need a new one
Flip it over, hold it steadier, make all them sexy faces you make when you take it all
Every time you touch me, look right at this touch screen, be the nasty girl you are when no cameras are around
You're my nasty girl you are now go on 'head and turn around cause now
Beautiful debut whenever I'm gon' I'm gon' look at you
And I rated the greatest as 5 stars
You're a natural, so glad I casted you
What a happy ending we, let the credits roll, run it back again
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