Xa'kydra - Nobody's Perfect lyrics
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Xa'kydra - Nobody's Perfect lyrics

Yeah, yeah cold world
This is for all the fans
That waited them lame hoes
That hated old dudes i dated
Mama we gone be famous, and i'm
Never in plain clothes red bottoms with
Red toes writing words to these
Beats got my mind workin like playdou
Analyzing the world puttin
On for my girls i'm reppin hard
For my team why put so in my dreamin
He sweatin my curls out blowin
My back out fuck i'm doing at these
Parties gettin paid to be there
Now. I stepped out in designer
Im sharper than a pirahna
They killin niggas for jays i stepped
Out in designer. they say i'm
Blowin up like kanye when he in
Drama remember when i used to be stressed
About some drama nowa days i only
Texting converse with these ballers
Im talkin tens and better
Rich niggas in gucci sweaters
And im always bitchin bout the same thing
Baby im so sick of bitchin bout the
Same thing but hey
Nobody's perfect nobody's perfect nooo aye
But you perfect for me nobody's perfect
Nobodys perfect nooo aye but you perfect cause
We rollin and we ridin and he like to go inside
And i love to go all night and werock the boat
Post island and i love to call yo name X2 baby
I love to call you name X2

Thats right im a college girl and
I wish that you could fly out
Soon but boy i got my old place
So what you mean a dorm room but
Im tight like forence knox so i
Keep my doors lock and i don't have a room
Mate just stop by when yo tour stops
Hahaha i love it when we get together
Smoke alot of weed and get my shit together
Now that im on i can pick and choose
I only fuck with dudes that got shit to
Lose yeah i heard the stories bout the shit he
Do he don't want a girl but its fine by me
Plus he entertain bout 2 or 3 hoes but don't
Worry bout it they aint fuckin with me

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