Monica - Doin' Me Right lyrics
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Monica - Doin' Me Right lyrics

We gone set this shit off on the 1 and 2 and 3
On the 1 2 3

I got a nigga me and him we be chillin'
We like to kick it he be feelin' what I'm feelin'
We got plans understand he want some children
Cuz together we forever so appealin'

Youse a cute picture
Im finna get with ya
Put it on you
Make you wonder what hit ya
The type of nigga making 7 figures
Every girl be after them go suger
And he talk slicker
He pack a big kicker
The best to do it yet the way his tongue flicker
Ooh a good looker
I gotta book ya
Tell them girls to get back cuz i already took ya

My man be doin me right girl
(doin me right doin me right)
He give me what i like
We make love all night girl
My man be doin me right girl

My baby not a playa
He's with me everywhere
And when im feelin' down
He tells me baby stay up
He's always straight up and never will we break up
He'd call to say I love you that's how we'd make up
Trips to Jacob like a snowflaker
Shine so bright he make the dead wake up
Great lover know how to handle flavor
Keep my face sweaty till there's no more make up


It feels so good to be so in loveand have someone right by your side
Treatin' you right, doin' you right
He knows what'sbest for me and he'll do anything to keep me happy


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