Melvins - City Dump lyrics
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Melvins - City Dump lyrics

Two sides of half-breed
and we both begin to bleed
And I don't know if folks go to follow thee
and make'em me
It's heartbeat try and mock me
And it looks O.K. to me
My Saturday never Sunday
and a moat a fall of thee
Lay down pent up thank god
I got you wanna see
They made it out like a child
of the modern day anatomy
It's dirt ten and monologue
and it make it's wall deplete
Like Saturday in the night of day
and this is all I made
Black dog and distant crawlin'
on a watch you for the reason
They made it out like the child on the mind
more look and find you'll see it
It's a hell indeed and a seventy
and it looks O.K. to me
My Saturday never Sunday
And moat a bite a lee
Two sides of half-breed
Now it's just me to bleed
The count of four forty-five
that leaves now five chop the speed
It's a dirty war and mind law
and makes it five to fourteen
It's a heartbeat never Sunday
and it looks O.K. to me
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