Future - Argentiny lyrics
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Future - Argentiny lyrics

[Verse 1]
Im straight outta pot piss
Bought da yop and then flood my wrist
Aquafina glacier got my neck on aguilera
Fuck her in the throat till i fuck up dat bitch mascara
Fucking with that hoe you done danced around with the devil
Im gone off my medication / half of these niggas traded
My loyalty ain't for satin / I'm highly anticipated
Soon as that bently truck drop I'm getting it i fucking made it
Ghost or the maserati / ill shit on your dead body
These niggas ain't playing fair
These bitches ain't playing fair
I just spent heroin fare on mollies and lean yeah
Designer thats all i wear (x2)
I just hit that bitch bare
I just fucked that bitch bare
I fuck ya then buy medusas / pull up in a barracuda
Sipping that lean with my shooter
I'm eating up at chinese buddha
Some fortures i gotta torture
These niggas getting out of order
Get knocked off for half a quarter
I'm alpo and richie porter
I'm ace boogie in his prime
I make niggas bump dat iron
I live in another line
I go talk to Farrakhan
[???] me a shotta /
All the dope save my brothers (x2)
Give em a cake of butter
Show em how much I love em
Punk bitches we don't trust em
These bitches ain't playing fair
These niggas ain't playing fair
I just spent heroin fare on my designer gear
Designer my underwear / I got designer everywhere
I got designer everywhere (x2)
Money cars everywhere
My bitches live everywhere
(Yeah Yeah)
My bitch took her skin and tried to bleach it
She say this foreign pussy got me tweaking
I Told her all this money got me geechee
Bend her over fuck her in the asshole
And i keep that hot with me mutambo
Fuck you pussy niggas.. donnie brasco
Drop em in a river with his eyes closed
I just fucked this bitch in argentina
Pull the phantom up right there on rena
Me and C just went met with sarena
All these racks on me i got that nina
Tat that nigga name on your forehead
Selling cocaine on your boss head
Down in miami im with my Haitians
Got all of my bitches out immigration
(I Swear)
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