Williams Brothers - Prayer Made The Difference lyrics
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Williams Brothers - Prayer Made The Difference lyrics

Hmmmmmm, mmmm, mmmm
Many times in my life, I've come through the storms and the rain. And time after time in my life, I've overcome heartache and pain.

But I always kept faith in God, cause I knew some how He'd make away.

kept trusting, kept believing and aah-aalways praying.

you see through prayer God strengthen me, and made me strooong.
prayer gave me courage to keep on keeping on.

prayer made the difference

yes it did
prayer Umm
prayer made the difference

Ah-yeah, for if it comes through by prayer, I declare,
prayer changes things
Oooh it changes things
Yes it does
Ooooooo Yes it does.

say this one thing.
prayer has been a shoulder I can lean on, Prayer has been comforter, Oooh when it seem like hope was gone.
It's been my rock, my salvation and prayer has been my shield and if it's God's will ain't no wounds that prayer can't heal, Naw.
You see, through prayer God strengthen me and made me strooong prayer gave me the courage just to keep on keeping on.

Oooooh Praaa-ayer

prayer made the difference


Hey, hey, hey


Prayer made the difference

said it made the difference yes it did.

For if it comes through by prayer I do declare prayer changes things.

yes it does said it really, really, really, really, really does

Hey-aaay, O-ooooo-O

Prayer made the difference

prayer (Ah-yeah) made the difference

Uh-huh when trouble came in my life, prayer made the difference.

Burdens kinda heavy, prayer made the difference
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