Johnathan East - Act Like A Man lyrics
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Johnathan East - Act Like A Man lyrics

Act Like a Man

I heard you pouring out your feelings at the bar, how she left you how she left you high and dry
Now you hardly leave the house all day, every night you lie awake and cry.
You're playing love songs on the jukebox, thinking about the hell she put you thru.
You swear your life is over; you're wonder now what you're supposed to do.

Won't you act like a man and try to be strong.
Pick yourself up, try to stand tough and just move along.
Have another shot and try to understand, sometimes life is cruel when you're played a fool
You can act like a man.

Oh, you say he was your best friend, you wonder how you were so blind.
All the weekends out of town, the nights she said she's working overtime.
Now she took all your money; drove off in her lover's Escalade.
Now you're sitting here with me tonight, still praying you can get her back someday.

(Repeat Chorus)

There's a redhead in the corner, if you play your cards just right
Quit talking about your problems, you might take her home tonight.

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah sometimes life ain't fair, so get yourself a pair and act like a man.
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