Johnathan East - Same Ole Same lyrics
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Johnathan East - Same Ole Same lyrics

Camped out on the couch tonight, like I ain't got a care
Watching Dusty Rhodes stomp a mud hole in Ric Flair
Eating cold, left over pizza, sippin' Lone Star beer
That nosey neighbor next door, still starring out her blinds
Her husband's stole my paper, ‘bout a half a dozen times
And that same Baptist Preacher, is still coming by to bend my ear
Everything's just how you left it. Same Ole same around here.

Yeah the world keeps on spinning and I keep on pretending I don't mind
No I don't mind
Hell, I've got it all together, if I told you I felt better, I'd be lying
You left me here heartbroken, the writing on the wall, it seems so clear
Every day's just like the rest, more or less
Same ole same around here.

First thing every morning, I still pour myself a cup
Lock the door and climb into that same ole rusty truck
And I pat the gas and beat the wheel
Try to get that thing in gear.
Then, I'll drop by the diner, up there on the square
Still get the same waitress with the pencils in her hair
And every time she calls me darlin', well it almost makes this heartache disappear
Still take my eggs scrambled on the side, same ole same around here.

(Repeat Chorus)

Guitar solo

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, life goes on and on, right or wrong
Same ole same around here.
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