Tyga - Feel Me lyrics
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Tyga - Feel Me lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah man
Aye this shit gotta be club, car and pussy at the highest level nigga
Bitch I'm the shit
(Feel me?)
Them niggas ain't this
Feel me? Skrrt
9-11 on my wrist
Feel me?
Not the time but the whip, bitch
Feel me?

Kylie Jenner thick, you gotta feel me
Happy birthday, here's a Benz, feel me?
First, last name rich, feel me?
Yeah, bitch, I'm the shit, feel me?
We at the highest level, feel me?
I'm at the dealership like what's the dealy?
Usher Raymond chain, it's too chilly
(Usher Raymond chain, it's too chilly!)

I need my cash money, a mili, a mili, a mili, a mili, a mili
These bitches is litty, my niggas is litty, we lit up the city, you feel me?
My haters is humble, we hit up the city, we skrrt off with [?]
Take her shoppin' but can't get that python through customs
Hundred k for the PJ, f**k it, garment bags, no luggage, feel me?
Getting money, you relate, feel me?
Bank account liftin' weights, feel me?
Let my niggas through the gate, feel me?
Bel-Air estates, huh
[?] with the cake, huh
I'm hands on with that cake
I need my bitches A1
I got a lot at stake, feel me?
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