Lil' Wayne - 5 Star lyrics
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Lil' Wayne - 5 Star lyrics

[Intro: Nicki Minaj]
Young Money

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
I been smoking gas, killin' bitches, man, I feel just like a gang-star
Cover up my face like a ninja in this Alexander Wang scarf
I'mma drop a bag they gon' pull up and then they gon' let them thangs off
I ain't switchin' up my hairstyle but my niggas let it bang off
Percocets and addi's lookin' for a f*ck I could give
All these hatin' bitches plottin' why they can't let me live
Me and Weezy in Liv
When my album drop these bitches is gone cry in the car
All your 'yes' men out here lyin', had you dyin' to spar
You was tryin' too hard
I'm out here livin' though, I am out here livin' though
Me and Tunechi winnin' though
Slimez out here twinnin' though
I'm on my pivot though
I'm just so pivotal
Bands, I go get it though
Weezy on his pedestal
A lot of gang sh*t, a whole lot of gang sh*t
All these plaques is pilin' up, it's no where to hang sh*t
These bitches n*gger though
Pushed them out my n*gger though
Niggas want my cookie though
'Cause it taste like cookie dough
Smoke, I got a free pack
Flow sick, get a Z-pack
Niggas don't mean my race when they say she blacked
I am the Queen (Facts!)
I'm everything she lacks
Bitch get on your kneecap, I don't mean C. Kaep
I'll get you checked n*gger, I'll get you a free pap
You bitches don't ball out, you get your QB sacked
I'm OBJ hoes, break records like ankles
I've been that bitch since ice cream with the sprinkles
Tell 'em carry on, they gon' miss me when I'm gone
I'm gone

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I just f*cked like five hoes in my mansion got them feeling like they five stars
You hoes throwing fits, my bitches patient man I feel just like a doctor
Pop some X for my exotic dancer, she start crying said her job hard
Switch her whip out put her in a Mercedes now she screming rest in peace to Honda

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Cocaine on her navel, lick it so my tongue can go ham
Put my face up in her n*gger, and my thumb in her ass
Make her do the jumpman
I put her face down in the pillow about to smother her ass
A fly yellow bone to me, I told her to come get a tan
Now she butter pecan
I got a draco in the sofa, a eggo in the toaster
A cradle in the chocha, the yayo doin' yoga
And I wake up smell the Folgers
I don't know how I woke up cause I was in a coma
But now I'm in the moment wearing high socks on the front porch
[?] I cried tears of f*ckin' joy
LV's on my luggage, boy
Don't ask me where I'm f*ckin' goin'
I pull up with my skater, make them beat you with their f*ckin' boards
Sharp shooters like pool sharks
Shoot you down in the walmart, shoot you down in the parking lot, shoot you down in the food court
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