Williams Brothers - If I Don't Wake Up lyrics
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Williams Brothers - If I Don't Wake Up lyrics

If I don't wake up, in the morning
It's alright it's gonna be alright
If I don't wake up, in the morning
(I know) It's alright it's gonna be alright
I fixed it up with Jesus along long time ago I paid my dues yea mm
And if I should leave this old world before the morning comes
I got a crown waiting for and some golden shoes
Oh my friends there's is no need to cry
God has prepared me a better home way up in the sky
If I don't wake up, (If I don't wake up)
In the morning (in the morning)
It's alright (it's alright it's alright)
It's gonna be alright (it's alright)
If I don't wake up
(if I don't get up out of me bed in the morning)
In the morning (i know deep down in my heart)
It's alright (its alright yea)
it's gonna be alright (it's gonna be alright)
I promise the Lord when I made my start
Know matter what they do, I'm going through
Been through the storm, I been through the rain
I kept on thrusting in Jesus name
if I don't live to see the sun rises
I know I got a home on the other side it's alright oh yes it is
it's gonna be alright oh my Lord
And this is what I like about it
There be no more tears to shade
There be no more barring to bair
No more hard ache and pain
Oh when I get over there yal
There's something else
Trouble will be over yea
When i when I get home
It's gonna be alright
I'm not worry about it
I lift my flowers to lay me barring down yea
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