Mike Tramp - Down South lyrics
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Mike Tramp - Down South lyrics

Think this, do that, worry too much
If you just woke up you could get in touch Look here, what's that, want to know Maybe you could learn how to let it go

Stand up, look smart, fool them all Doesn't hurt at all when you hit the wall What now, be cool, check it out
If they don't react just scream and shout

Work all night 'till sun comes up
You can push right through so you stay on top
What don't work do it anyway
When you find it all let me hear you say

Bring me the water that gets you high
Something that no one can't deny
Give me the wings so I can fly
Up and above the big blue sky

Get down, make love, who said that
Would you like to dance with the big black cat
Punch hard, kick high, like it rough
And you just can't stop 'till you had enough

Play loud, bang that, sing that a song When you do it right you can do no wrong Rock on, chill out, keep it real
If you want to go just grab the wheel
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