Mike Tramp - Once lyrics
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Mike Tramp - Once lyrics

What if I wasn't good enough
would they all want me to stop
Let the music fade away
Shut the door nothing to say
Take the bow no one wanted
In the final show that nobody ever saw
And here I am alone
Just clown without a smile

Did the people laugh at me
Was I blind and didn't see
Every sign along the way
Loud and clear out on display
Did I make it or did I fake it
Was I any good or just a looser
Yes I've been every where
But I am still stuck here in the same old dirt

Now the mighty circuz close
The sad clown takes off his nose
All the horses warm and neat
Old grumpy lion gone to sleep
The children got balloons
Tomorrow there's no school
It'll be a brand new day
No more yesterday
All is far away
But still I look behind
Don't know what I'll find
I just need to feel once more
I just need to know once more
That I was once alive
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