Millencolin - Biftek Supernova lyrics
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Millencolin - Biftek Supernova lyrics

I had a dream last night, a dream about a bear,
dancing in a trenchcoat, hat, and vest.
It didn't take me long to get me well aware
of who was hiding underneath that dress.
For twenty six long years I've known that guy
and I would say his limit is the sky.
I know he would say that it's no big deal.
Humbleness is not needed, you're for real.

Tonight, you turned into Supernova
The Pepper will soon be in clover.
You got your signs right down at Rover.
Yeah, you turned into Supernova.

He'll show you how to pull the trigger on a gun.
I've heard that he's in such a rage.
He'll show you more cause his career have just begun
so watch out for when he will hit the stage.
For twenty six long years I've known that man
and I'm proud to say that we're from the same clan.
A third one just like me and that's alright
but a star like Supernova is way more bright.

I wouldn't say it's over.
You got your signs at Rover
and soon you'll be in clover.

The Dude is out there tonight,
they call him Supernova.

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