Edguy - Land Of The Miracle lyrics
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Edguy - Land Of The Miracle lyrics

blinded by the fire and the sorrow of the day.
i come knocking at your door
to dry the tears away.
the eventide is calling me to take a look into your
eyes. pull me on and make me mesmerised!

riding on the wings of light,
dreaming dreams and holding tight:
leaving all my sorrow far behind.
your eyes are the gate


to the land of the miracle where our love can make
us fly, make us fly
in the land of the miracle
we can find a reason why and how we can fly

open up the book of madness,
read the page of life!
who's the one to tell you what to do
and how to rise?
and if the stars would fall one day
i'd climb up to the sky
to put them back for you to save your smile.

[repeat; solo; repeat]

...take a look into the book of fantasy and poetry and
you will see: what you can feel is everything and
everything that you may find inside your head...

...a million years have passed away to make us head
for the decay and to unlearn just what we yearn for
all day long: right to be strong and stick to our
ideals, are the for real and do we just have lost the

...i believe in miracles they happen every day.
In your arms a dream comes true for me...

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