N-trance - Paradise City lyrics
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N-trance - Paradise City lyrics


Cast your eyes on a vision , here comes the raw rap precision
Paradise wild that's how we livin'
Long beach style on the regular
Things be blowin' up all day like my cellular
When I flex it's time to party
So y'all can go ahead hit the surf break out the rum bacardi
Mad skills on the rise again
with the summer time rhyme solos out there's miles again
I'm hittin' on the down low
with something for the beach or ya jeep or ya condo
the summertime's here girls in bikinis with their sun tan glow and I don't care
As far as the eye can see
there's a hundred beach bunnies on the beach and they're jockin me
now that's the lick and it's a pity
that you and yours ain't loungin in the city


Do ya wanna go down , Do ya wanna go down with me
If ya ready come and take me now
Come and rock me in the city

Rap 2

The sea feels cool and when I'm dried off you know it's over to the barbecue
the party starts at noon but it's a beach thing and I'm holding more ass than a G-string
Just blazing up I'm getting hot from the rays and the force of my paper cut
Just coolin with my peeps beach bunnies showing out from the waist to the back seat
The summer fest year after year I'm in the sun and my body's feelin blessed
Maxin and relaxin a little one on one coz all the ladies love my vaccine
Paradise sim for your your ears so you can bring the boys and we can bring a gang of beers
Summers the lick and it's a pity
If you and yours ain't loungin' in the city

Rap 3

We took a crazy loop and broke it down before with our madness now we come to up the score
N-trance in the sun shine the force and we ruff rhyme
The paradise sim and the whole nine
the lyrical something it's got mad heads nodding and sound systems all bumping
Summers the lick and it's a pity coz we be livin' large in paradise city

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