112 - Say Yes lyrics
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112 - Say Yes lyrics

[Verse 1]
Girl you had my attention
From the first time
I laid eyes on you
And ever since that moment
I wanted to be
Be the one for you

And I know its hard
'cause you've been scarred
But baby let me heal that wound
And I know that you've heard
All this before
But there's a different man
At your door

Why don't we just run away
We can take a trip, leave today
All I need is for you to just
Say yes

You don't have to bring a thing
Don't worry 'bout that
It's all on me
All I need is for you to just
Say yes

[Verse 2]
Might be crazy but I know that
You want it just as bad
Now you've finally got a reason
To leave that pain in the past

'cause we can
Go wherever you want to
Do whatever you like
Ooh let me show you babe
The kind of real man
That you been missing

[Chorus 2x]


This is what I need from you
Don't you worry 'bout a thing

[Chorus 2x]

Baby why don't we (ohhhhh)
Run away (ohhhhhhh)
And leave today (ohhhhh)
All you gotta do is say yes (ohhhh)
Just say yes

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