Lil' Wayne - My Daddy lyrics
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Lil' Wayne - My Daddy lyrics


It's me, the rapper eater
Feed me, feed me, feed me

One time for me, one time for the DJ
He be Khaled, I be Lil' Weezy
Baby if you ask me, if your nasty
Creative, give your bastards ?? sporadic
I'm so diplomatic ??
Touch it, bring it, push it systematic

Damn right, I kissed my Daddy
I think they pissed at how rich my Daddy is
And I'm his kid, I stunt with my Daddy
Call Ms Lee, she with my Daddy
So diss me, you gon diss my Daddy
Cuz who was there when no one wasn't
Just my Daddy
Who was there when I needed money
Just my Daddy
So who be there when I see the money
Just my Daddy
Who said that I'd be the one
Just my Daddy
Hello Hip-Hop, I'm home
It's your Daddy

When I say ??
I don't mean the caddy
I mean these nuts, Akon and Khaled
Rick Ross, Tip, Stuntin and Fat Joe
And I can-can-can't forget Frisco
And yeah, I had to squash the bullshit with so
Its a bakery here, just tryin to get dough
Shout to my dreads might just a chico
And a good for me, Ho
I'm in the 3-0
5 I'm the best rapper alive
One boy got a mind gotta mat ??
Homeboy gotta nine gotta cat with em fine
But I'd be gettin to it even if I was blind
Like a scary movie they screamin when I rhyme
I'm a King, you can ask Steven if I'm lyin
I'm a Prince, too demanding like my Mom
Too bold, too cold like West ??

It's all about ME
If a girl got a voice then she talk bout ME (me)
He say, she say, I say ME
We'll be in the M.I.A. ME
And me, and T, and big round ??
And the Homie streets boutta somewhere round the beach
And tags and eat while they somewhere in the ??
And ?? in the Phantom with Mister G

And ME, ME, it's all about ME
Play with me and it's all our beef
Beef, yes, ?? blood, sheets
Yikes, yeeks, great Scott
Storch, can I borrow your yacht
Watch me and my click go all out
Like the ?? in the stands, we balls out

Boy, I dont know what y'all bout
But, I just been like a dog mouth
Big ice been lookin like a hog mouth
VROOOOOOMM, I had to bring the hog out(yeah)
Light them trees, bring a log out
Every day, Christmas, I'm eggnogged out
And Hip-Hop is my new ?? house
My flow just grew legs and walked out (bye)

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