Burning Heads - Beauf lyrics
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Burning Heads - Beauf lyrics

All you people who're living on the same kind
You got so deaf you got so blind
It seems like nothing could make you change your way
Same songs same shoes same old shit
You tell your child 'Hey dude life is hard
If you don't work you shut your mouth'
Then you work all year like a dumb
There's nothing you can stand at least
Then on holiday at beach
You grab your own piece of sand
Build walls all around you
Put in everything you can
Plastic fashion plastic smile
There's nothing else when I dig behind
Sometimes I'd like to pull it down
Sometimes I'd like to pull it down and run away
When there's nothing there to make my day
Tell me who taught you this stereotype scheme of life
Why do they all follow like sheep
Why don't you realize that it's a sign of times
There's one planet and place for everyone
There is some place for everyone
This place is for everyone
There's another way for you my friends and I
Before the sky falls down on our heads
We just want to show we can make it different
If we can I assure you we'll show you
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