Styl-plus - Drives Me Crazy lyrics
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Styl-plus - Drives Me Crazy lyrics

Ewo, ewo, ewo, ewo(x2)

Verse 1:
One day when I was parked in front of a traffic light, a car parked beside my own,
I saw a girl so very fine and so fly. Asked her for her number but she told me I
should throw her my telephone, which I didn't think was right.
So I shook my head and told her I'd rather,
Go somewhere and sit down and have a, civil conversation only her and me
no one else to be a bother. She smiled at me and said it was alright, said
that we should wait for the green light, that wad the beginning of a love so fine,
baby girl and I, sweeter than palm wine.

Anya na-egbu m o
Isi na-awam o
O na-eme m ka m nuru mmanya
She drives me crazy(x2)

Verse 2:
Last night Shifi called me and he told me he was dating a lovely girl,
he said she really drives him crazy
asked him for her picture, when he showed me I could not say another word,
it was the same girl I was dating.
But I hugged him and said congratulations, left to an unknown destination
This bloody information that I'm being two-timed really beats my imagination.
So I wrote a verse to explain this to all y'all,sang it to Sunky and Mekoyo,
who made an instrumental with a beat so wow that I'm using right now just to tell you how.


Ewo ewo, ewo ewo(x3)

Verse 3:
I met Shifi chillin at the dome, with the girl her just started dating,
the same night Zeal took her home, he slipped out the back and there she was waiting.
I should have picked my telephone to tell Shifi about it
but I got a secret of my own-I've been seeing the same girl in private.
Should I call them both and tell them the truth cos we really don't need a deep mess,
What other option is there to choose, should I talk to Joey and T-Jazz,
or should I handle it on me own and tell the girl to stop cheating,
or should I let the games carry on and pray to God that she leaves them.

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