Canibus - Aids Is Gold, Hiv Is Platinum lyrics
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Canibus - Aids Is Gold, Hiv Is Platinum lyrics

Yo yo, I just appeared outta nowhere, 1980 was the year
Engineered as a biological weapon of warfare
Now with this I generate with more fear
Even though back then nobody cared and people wasn't as scared
I never used to get so much attention
Most of the top contenders at the time I was good friends with
For instance my man small pox was hot
He used to SoundScan ten thousand a week and that was a lot
That nigga Hepatitis B, he was hyper than me
He used to get between twelve and twenty thousand a week
Alcohol was the neighborhood star
Bubbling, drugs had niggaz juggling
All kinds of controlled substances
My man cancer was like Charles Manson
Cigarettes almost made the Surgeon General ban them
Homicide was buggin cause he had guns to amp them
And I was on the low amp cause I had a plant kid

Chorus: Canibus and Lisa Stone (repeat 2X)

Aids is gold and HIV was platinum
Sit down, ask them where you get your facts from
Five hundred thousand niggaz in the hood with it
And a million more niggaz is gettin ready to get it

Yo, yo, now that millions is dead I'm considered widespread
Number one on the top ten and considered a world wide threat
To all the kids, thirteen to twenty-three tryin
Sex, unsafe sex, you niggaz need to use latex
H-I-V will progress to A-I-D-S
And transform your warm blooded bones to dry flesh
By stressing the immune system
Promiscuous men and women trying to avoid
getting the micro-organism in them
from running up in it raw
Ready and willing, a couple of minutes of a good feeling
is what'll kill them
Break ya body down in steps, breath for breath
In the hospital wit less then a dozen T-cells left


I went from "Killing Them Softly" to killing them harshly
Minorities from twenty to forty can't afford to ignore me
They do my dirty work for me - goin to
raunchy ass parties where they be havin orgies to transport me
Through the semen and blood, needles and drugs
Choose which one of the two demons in evil you trust
Cause the only way I could be detected
is by getting tested and most people don't question
the person they having sex with
as to whether or not they infected
Even the people you already slept wit
wouldn't suspect that they can catch it
Forty percent of the AIDS patients is Afro-Americans
And we only twelve percent of the population
That statement is a fact, latinos and blacks face it
It came straight from the World Health Organization
Its the iron fist, scientist, slash rhyme-chiatrist
Here to diagnose that we dyin quick

Chorus 2X
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