Dark At Dawn - The Awakening lyrics
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Dark At Dawn - The Awakening lyrics

600 years ago, when the tyrant had to die
all the horror and the torment had an end
and man could laugh again while the corpse was burning high
and they strewed away his ashes in the wind

and they carved a sign on the castle´s walls
for eternity to stay
never to all the awakening, oh never lift the veil

when the blood pours out of the dungeon´s walls
when the spirits cry as the darkness falls
the torture will rise from its ashes to return again

when the moon is darkened and the candle´s low
and the mystic cold winds of old wisdom blow
on the stones, it rises again to flay

Procession takes its way to the ruin on the hill
conjuration takes its toll, but they don´t know
a pair of evil eyes watch the disappearing moon
and can´t wait for the blood that soon will flow

in darkness now there fades the light,
it appears the final sign
the withering flower, he prepares to cross the line

the thunder breaks the sky, the lightning hits the walls
they have gone too far, an unknown creature cries
beware the bleeding stones and the final tear it falls
the quest, here is the end, the caller dies

the creature disappears in the night, ancient powers are unleashed
once again to sow a malicious seed
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