David Bowie - Buzz The Fuzz lyrics
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David Bowie - Buzz The Fuzz lyrics

Once there was a fellow and his name was Buzz
He was just a rookie cop, just a baby Fuzz
He patrolled the Sunset Strip in the land of the free and the home of the hip
He protected you and me until he met a girl called Alice D

Alice was the girl that all the hippies dread
And they called her sweet Alice the head
Alice it was plain to see, was full of pot and stp
She'd attract a great big crowd, because her inner piece was much too loud

Good Buzz did the thing that good Fuzz must
Stuck his gun in Alice's chest and said "This is a bust"
Shone the flashlight in her eyes, she began to hypnotize
Buzz said "What a wild sensation, this must be hallucination"tion tion

Love is so sensational, when you fall in love with eyes dilatational
Now they're taking pills and shots and Buzz is not afraid of Watts
He and Alice D have shown the way of where the fuzz might be some day
Buzz is still a cop of course, he's the pusher on the force
He's protecting you and me from evil women like miss Alice D
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