Raleytar - The Storm And The Rain lyrics
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Raleytar - The Storm And The Rain lyrics

Beloved darkness, to you I plead
You belong to the other and not to me
Remove my spirit from the wind, I shall remain forever...
The sufferer feels the wind of sorrow
Abasement and abeyance abduct the love
Follow the moon and follow the dead
I cry for the girl I never had
My pain ever deepening as I dream of your kiss
My ire irks the obscurity of obsequious lonelyness
Antagonize my anguish but it has no effect
I watch this glorious triumph in hatred
This mask of shattered divinity do I now wear
Close your eyes and feel what will be
I love everything of you, yet I fear you cannot love me
Hath I never sailed upon infinite shores of sin
I look in the mirror and I only see the broken hope
And then I look and I feel what I see, but these feelings fear me
I yearned for thee as yet only darkness arises
Torn in silence I hath seen the majestic beauty
Where are you, I search for you
A not ending tale for the love I never had
I cry for you, the girl, you, I never knew
Because it's time - it's time for the dead
Don't close your eyes and see what emotions can do
I fear my love's to big - drowned into sorrow
And on the next day what will follow?
My existance is a black hole in you
This is for you, in search of you
The loss of the love is the begin of the end
Hopeless adventures for a man to find you
When I die ... then I am silent
Don't tell me how strong you are
My emotions for you is a feeling that protects me from death
From the distance I see and I know it's too far
Somebody slayes my heart as I am gasping for my breathe
The forever failure I made to open my feelings
They took control over my sorrowful being
The smell of my blood is no victory tonight
Reappeared pain makes me losing this fight
Shattered love shed tears of blood on the ground
The moon lay hidden beneath a cloud
Just to see the storm and the rain
And to give me my soul's bane
Immortal darkness arise as the frost of winter dims the light of the end
An angel like you must from heaven be sent
Dressed in white silk on velvet you lay
As I pity the sadness and begin to fade away
The discouragement of me; benighted of my soul beneath
Only then may these ivory gates open for thee
And when my inner being died I cried like rain
If I am dead and gone; would you remain..?
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