N.y. Conz - Untitled lyrics
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N.y. Conz - Untitled lyrics

GrAb Yo' DR2 FiGgAs dOwN aT Toys R Us
Me An' FrAnkiE geT BuCkWiLd We GoT thE hOneYs By thE BuS
WheN you gOt A pRObLeM iN me An' HiM yOU trUst
JiMMy So BiG it's AbOut TO BuSt
One LoOk At Mr. HAppY MAkeS wOMenS deLiriOUs
FrAnKie GoT wOmen FeELiNg tHAT LuSt
Do NoT FeEd The MoNkEys UnLesS yOU rEAaLLy MuSt
FrANk-Ay An' ThE []D [] []v[] []D, We Be tOgeTHa FoR LifE
WE tAkE YOu OuT Like CABLe Who BeAt thE shiT OUttA StrYFe
An' He'LL do LikE gUns An' SticK thiS LiL' PLAya Up iN yO' Wife
heh..BuT DK miGhT hAvE LicE
So if YoU ThiNk He'S sAnitAry thEn YoU beSt ThiNk TwiCe
FrAnkiE mAKe NigGAs FeEL LiKe MicE
WhEN HonEyS sEe Us TheY GotTA RoLL tHE diCe
MaKiN' WomenS SCreAm LikE thEm BiTCheS on MiAmi VicE
WoMeNS goT to PAy To PLaY Wit FrANk-Ay toDay
He SAyS "bAby, LeZ gEt DOWn CAuSe i WisH i MAy"
NiGgAs DroppiN' THe SoAp GotS tO Be GAy
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