G-unit - She Love G-unit lyrics
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G-unit - She Love G-unit lyrics

Chorus x2
She says she love us
She like my music
she like that i'm thuggin
She like g-unit

50 Cent
Babygirl you could push me pull me scratch me screw me
holla my name while we fucking on top
you could ride like a rodeo
you freaky and you know so
i'm willin if you like it in your but
shes a workin girl
get on top let me see yah work it girl
dont stop get it get it
you could ride till yah satisfied
thougths of your loving in my brain
make me wanna sing in the rain

Chorus x2

Tony Yayo
man anything goes when it comes to hoes
ma your feet look good
let me suck on your toes
and if your body smell right
let me lick all them holes
i bust a nut on your face
and wipe my dick on your clothes
baby spark the blunt
and light the incents
now its time to freak off with my project princess
ya'll groupies wanna go
and send fanmail
cause you see me in the source and the xxl

everybody wants to be real
so they try to hide how they feel
nigga you soppose to be real
niggas find out that you tellin me
you gon' get your jack filled
you put it in now you know you gonna get it in
i know true loves are hard to find
let me fine you for real
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