David Bowie - Baal's Hymn lyrics
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David Bowie - Baal's Hymn lyrics

Whilst his mother's womb contained the growing baal
Even then the sky was waiting quiet and pale
Nakedyoungimmensely marvellous
Like baal loved itwhen he came to us

That same sky remained with him in joy and care
Even when baal slept peaceful and unaware
At night a lilac skya drunken baal
Turning pious as the sky grows pale

So through hospitalcathedralwhiskey bar
Baal kept moving onwards and just let things go
When baal's tiredboysbaal cannot fall far
He will have his sky down there below

When the sinners congregate in shame together
Baal lay nakedrevelling in their distress
Only skya sky that will go on forever
Formed a blanket for his nakedness

And that lusty girlthe worldwho'll laughing yield
To the men who'll stand the pressure of her thighs
Sometimes gave him love-bitessuch as can't be healed
Baal survived ithe just used his eyes

And when baal saw lots of corpses scattered round
He felt twice the thrilldespite the lack of room
"space enough" said baal"then I'll thicken the ground
Space enough within this woman's womb"

Any vice for baal has got it's useful side
It's the man who practices ithe can't abide
Vices have their pointonce you see it as such
Stick to two for one will be too much

Slacknesssoftness are the sort of things to shun
Nothing could be harder than the quest for fun
Lots of strength is needed and experience too
Swollen bellies can embarrass you

Under gloomy stars and this poor veil of tears
Baal will graze a pasture till it disappears
Once it's been digested to the forest's teeth
Baal trod singing for a well earned sleep

Baal can spot the vultures in the stormy sky
As they wait up there to see if baal will die
Sometimes baal pretends he's deadbut vultures swoop
Baal in silence dines on vulture-soup

When the dark womb drags him down to it's prize
What's the world still mean to baalhe's overfed
So much sky is lurking still behind his eyes
He'll just have enough sky when he's dead

Once the earth's dark womb engulfed the rotting baal
Even then the sky was up therequiet and pale
Nakedyoungimmensely marvellous
Like baal loved it when he lived with us
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