Young Mc - Just Say No lyrics
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Young Mc - Just Say No lyrics

Attention, party people
It's an APB
That is an All Points Bulletin from Young MC
Now if you're a senior citizen or just a tike
Just grab a seat and pay attention as I rock the mic
I wrote a couple of rhymes
And called them Just Say No
Dedicated to the people who are on the go
And we can't help you out if you're on the brink
And if you listen this jam will make you think
If you were ever in a situation
Without enough time for contemplation
All of your friends goin' the same way
You feel kinda trapped
You don't know what to say
Just say no
'Cause better safe than sorry
This is for real
This ain't no game or folly
It's your life and you only got one
So you better do it right
Or it will soon be done
You want to be popular
You want to be cool
You want to be the one that everybody likes in school
You want to be everything for everyone else
But you better think of what you want to be for yourself
Everyday people livin' in the same old mess
It's hard to be original and not be like the rest
You've got to go for what you know
You can't afford to guess
And Heaven knows what would happen if you did say yes
So say no
Just say no
You hear me?
Say no
Just say no
Kids OD'ing cause the families grief
Over the marijuana plant and the coca leaf
Over a bunch of pills to try to get their thrills
Over a drug you shoot because you think it's cute
Over something you smoke
Man it ain't no joke
Over something you drink,
Oh, boy, why don't you think?
Over something you snort like you were playing a sport
One day you'll go too far and you'll come up short
Some people out there don't seem to get my point
Telling others crack kills while they're smoking a joint
Well, the point of this song is to tell you the facts
Some people die from smoking reefer like they die from crack
Not a drug in particular
But drugs in general
They're not good for you like a vitamin or a mineral
They come in liquid, leafs, powder, pill, and rocks
They'll put you six feet under on your back in a box
So say no
Just say no
Do you hear me?
Say no
Just say no
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