Keith Sweat - Twisted lyrics
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Keith Sweat - Twisted lyrics

Oh yeah baby
You got to make your mind up
Yeah, Kut Klose, help me out

1-You know you are my lover
You got me twisted over you
I know i got what you need
So what you wanna do

Baby, baby I know
Baby I love you so
But you don't feel like I do
Tell me what can I do

2-But I gotta be strong
you Did me wrong
When I thought we were really down
So you say you want me girl ooh
Make up your mind
Cuz I'm not gonna be here for long

Repeat 1
Baby, baby in time
Baby I know you'll find
That what you needed was here
Think about it my dear

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Breaking up now
You got me twisted
Thinking about the way things used to be
When it was you and me girl I was free
See you had my heart from the start
Like Cupid and I was just down right foolish and stupid
But now I know the reason for the pain and the headaches
You left me all alone now I can't even concentrate
I guess I'll wait for the day until you come back
Because my heart is where your love is at
You got me twisted

Repeat 1(2x)
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