S Club 7 - Our Time Has Come lyrics
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S Club 7 - Our Time Has Come lyrics

We're moving on, going strong,
With new ideas.
There's something we can all believe in.

We're turning back, we're on the track,
Going down our way,
And where we're going there's no saying.

They will tell you to go this way, that way,
Any way but you're way.
Never let them fool you,
You're the one who knows which way you're going.

They will send you forwards, backwards,
They will say what you should do,
Never listen to them,
We're the ones who answer for our actions.

Don't you know our time has come,
And we're living it up because the beat is strong,
Let's party on tonight.

Don't you know our time is here,
And we're turning it up so everyone can hear,
Our time has come tonight.

1st Tag
Don't you know it,
Woah oh oh, woah oh
Yes our time has come.
Woah oh, oh oh.

So here you are, shooting star,
You shine so bright.
You were told you'd never make it.

So now you've heard, spread the word.
To everyone.
An invitation you should take it.




1st Tag

I know at times, they can be so unforgiving.
And you feel you're on your own.
But you'll never be alone,
Our time has come.

2nd Tag
There's a party going on over here,
If you want it.
Throw your hands up in the air,
If you want it.
Come and sing along with the Club,
If you want it.
Hey, hey!

2nd Tag

Chorus x 2

2nd Tag x 2

1st Tag

Chorus to fade
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