N.w.a. - Findum, Fuckum & Flee lyrics
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N.w.a. - Findum, Fuckum & Flee lyrics

Yeah, it's me again...
so check it out - ladies, not gentlemen
Drop your draws, cop a seat
And let's get into this. Yeah ..

Easily I'm aproachin',
There ain't no jokin',
When the pussy holes are open.
Ready to fuck until my dick is raw,
Yo! the muthafuckin' devil's son-in-law.
[Peter, Peter, the pussy eater]
No, it's the E, the muthafuckin' pussy beater,
And I'm the 'Quicker-Picker-Upper" quick to pick up a bitch,
So come here bitch and lick up the - lick up the - lick up the dick!
Now how many nuts would it take for me,
To let that bitch graduate to lesson 3? Let's see...

[Splash Splash ..]

As you can see I straight wax that ass!
Back up bitch unless you want nut in your eye.
I never never ever ever seen a bitch cry.
Nut 1, nut 2 nut 4 5 6,
I lost the 3rd nut in the mix - Fuck It!

[Hey yo yella boy, why don'tcha rewind it!]

6 5 4 now 3 is up,
Gimme that gimme that gimme that nut.
You wanna feel the dick baby try your luck,
Because the E likes to FUCK FUCK FUCK! YO!
I get 'em stuck-on and get the fuck on,
Give 'em a Tootsie Roll and tell 'em 'Thanks for the pussy hole!"

I Findum, Fuckum and Flee, you know?
But before I D-O,
Yo, I take a ho' to the hotel,
To the motel
To the Holiday Inn
Yo, if that bitch start fuckin' up [what you do?]
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Ah Dr. Dre [what up?], my mellow [Yo]
it's on you, so whatcha gonna do?

Well, it's on and on and on and on
Yo the beat don't stop until the break of dawn
Yo, every bitch I know they wanna get with me
The muthafuckin' notorious D-R-E
Spit game at a bitch while a nigga's around
And you know most ho's know not to clown
'Cause if a bitch tried to diss me
whIle I'm full of liquor
I'd smack the bitch up and shoot the nigga that's with her
That's the kind of nigga that you're listenin' to
Talk to you for a minute then my dick's in you .. YO!

Yo, I Findum, Fuckum and Flee, you know?
but before I D-O
Yo, I take a ho' to the hotel
To the motel
To the Holiday Inn [say what??!]
If that bitch start fuckin' up, yo
I'll just fuck her friend ...

Now M.C. REN [what up] my mellow [a check it out] it's on you so what
the fuck you're gonna do?

Now gather 'round y'all
And check it out y'all
And all the bitches come and suck up on my balls y'all
And take a ticket to play with it like a Slinky
So put your lips on my big chocolate Twinkie
And you swallow all the nut
If you bitches are smart
To make my dick pop up like a Pop-Tart
But after I nut I'mma leave ya,
But first I must decieve you, because bitch I don't need you
And don't say that you love me, too
'Cause if I turn my back you would fuck the whole crew
You're nothin' but a stank ho' tryin' to take my bank ho'
So I have to let you know ..

At a hotel
or At a motel
or At a Holiday Inn [say what??!]
Because if that bitch starts fuckin' up, yo, I'll just fuck her friend ..
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