Outkast - Funkin' Around lyrics
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Outkast - Funkin' Around lyrics

ANDRE 3000: Hello, well good evening ladies and gentlemen / What we like to
do right here / Well first of all, let me let you know who I am / Well, I go by
the name of Andre 3000, right / And we hail from a place called like Stankonia,
GA, right / You know right now everyone wants to be from space / And like want
to be from the country and everything like that / You know, like really like
the south is like / It's cool to be from the South right about now / Girls
listen up // Torn between Saturday night and early Sunday morn / I don't know
i'm somewhere stuck in between, tween / I'm out here knowing Hip Hop is dead /
The average nigga on my corner yelling / What the fuck you mean, mean / See we
ain't even seen, the mountain top counter clock / Wise goes the neighborhood
hand-me-downs and canned goods / Won't cut the Grey Poupon we got that make you
run / Back to the drawing board can't afford to lose y'all make me yawn / One
slash one slash ninety-one / My teacher sees potential in me says sit down son
/ Now
let me tell you like I heard it, when I felt deserted / It wasn't no other way
to word it got my feelings murdered / By the bullet of bad the singer of sad /
Songs to make you long for your mom and your dad / Plaid clash with polka dots
I hope you ain't mad / Back up little mama i'm about to react // ANDRE
3000:(hook) /Yep, we ain't just funkin' around / Nope, you don't want to see me
clown / Nope, tomorrow sounds like right now // SLEEPY BROWN: People have your
party and please don't be late / It's time to bounce, rock roller skate, bounce
rock , roller skate / Hey sex mama, there's no time to waste / It's time to
bounce, rock, roler skate, bounce rock, roller skate / Grab your partner, roll
around / And feel the sound ah baby / People have your party, don't be late /
It's time to bounce, rock, roller skate // BIG BOI: Well Scotty, is beaming,
Lil Pookie 'nem scheming / What's the use in living my nigga / While you
snoozing, I'm dreaming / No Tylenol PM, you amount to the same thing / Everyday
like Per Diem
/ Never trying to be nothing, better than what you are being / One nation
under the cool, should be the rule / When a young man or a young lady begins or
/ Starts grade school silent before violence / Nine times out of ten times the
quietest is livest / Fumbling through your privates / Daddy Fat Sax can I have
you back? Naw! / Ooh! You such a player, ooh! Your southern drawl / Got me
sprawled out, in your black book my name is crossed out / Went from starting
second string, now you in the dog house / Reminiscin', a part of you was
missing / Instead of arguements you think about the hugs and kisses / If this
is something hard for you to take / You better bounce, rock, roller skate //
(hook) //
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