Pennywise - You'll Never Make It lyrics
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Pennywise - You'll Never Make It lyrics

first you're on a roll and Then You loose control then You can't decide You Think You lost your mind When You wan get it but now it is Too late nothing You can say your anger turns To hate your body gets excited Preparing for The dance No time To Be afraid nothing is left To Chance Can't avoid the feeling your world's about To end the secret is revealed one day you'll wake up dead You wan live - you'll never make it immortal State of mind but we're the Dying kind extinguishing the Breed Throughout all history never can surrender You can't give up the game never won the fight You best Prepare To Die When You hear Those voices calling You To the Grave Stop wasting all your days Start living right away or soon You will regret it your Cannes have all gone one massage left To send your life will soon end You will Be sorry when it's all gone you've lost your chance To make some history you've lost the game and now you'll See There's No escape mortality You think You have a future but you're Wrong You are wrong
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