Rakoth - The Insurgent One lyrics
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Rakoth - The Insurgent One lyrics

One Thou, the Risen One, Insurgent Mage Who shook the power of gods All that you've done, eternal rage It justifies unholy thoughts You fight alone - Young Gods are foes Defending their Hallowed Land You feel so strong, Darkness is yours Feel there's no need to defend You do everything If they ask you for help you help everyone You pity their grief, you will not deny Whether beggar or king Liken mortal to god, there's no thing that can't be done But see their belief - they worship the Lie Raise your sword of black in raging flames You challenge gods in Hallowed Land No turning back, it's not a game The reign of lies must come to end Your armies vast devour the worlds And conquer lands on their way So strong and fast infinite hordes It's time for Young Gods to pay And the battle's begun At the gate of the Land that is Hallowed for all Their armies are great, much stronger than yours "Outnumbered you're gone So prepare for the end, now you'll suffer your fall Sealed is your fate - you're out of your force" "How dare you, worthless one encroach on holy things Rakoth now you'll be gone or slave to Seven Kings" "No way, I'll die but free or crush the tyrants down My armies cannot flee - they're led by Darkness Crown" The Hallowed is trembling, igneous gales Summoned from Chaos, incinerate the worlds Lost... The battle's lost, you're chained and bound Down to the Bottom of Worlds Ruined is your host, no fame you found Disincarnated by the Lords And all returned - no truth, just lies And Young Gods rule the worlds again But people learnt on your demise And your defeat was not in vain Free spirit lives on And no power for gods to erase it from mind The riot after riot, they know no more rest Now you're not alone Not the slaves but free men can no longer be blind The times won't be quiet - your spirit will last
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