Brainstorm - The Trinity Of Lust: Shiva's Tears lyrics
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Brainstorm - The Trinity Of Lust: Shiva's Tears lyrics

[- Long ago... what has been said by honour, is exceedingly conducive to my welfare. Abandoning all pleasure, the lofty-minded dauther preformed the propitiation by means of profound meditation. On hearing these words, she pondered over me mentally... and so the story goes... (the skanda purana)]

One million miles i'm walking, one million miles away
and still you hear me talkin,
full of doubt on a painful way
i'm not a fortune teller nor support the monarchy
i'm setting up the situation to destroy my scenery
take all the trouble with me, more than i can afford,
anscrewed and full of laughter, as qirija speaks the word

oh well i don't know, whatever i'll see...

come slowly, won't you look at me instead
depressed and lonely, listen to what shiva said
taste the falvour of a hundred million tears
i stare into her eyes
crimes the hide since thousand years

as now my live is shifted, i crawl on holy ground
my blodd and soul are god gifted,
made me lokkin'in from the out
still i hear their voices singing,
gliding sounds from the left to right,
i try to close my eyes,
but can't get her out of my sight
i know this place is haunted
this temple of tears
this lust i always wanted
beautiful and lustful fears,...
and still i dont know where do i go
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