Ten Foot Pole - Broken Bubble lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - Broken Bubble lyrics

so you noticed that your city changed the old familiar roads
now seem so strange can you believe that there's paint on
the walls kids are murdered in the high school halls wake
up kid and stop your whining every silver cloud has a black
lining the world hasn't changed it just broke your bubble
now you see you can't hide from trouble you were raised in
the suburbs mom and dad gave you the best the referee
has left the field and you've all alone to face this test do you
have the strength to maintain your precious values are you
in control of your own fate or will you become one of those
guys you used to hate sooner or later everyone wants the
best and your private world becomes like all the rest
nothing is worse it's just touching you for the first time you
see the world zoo it's not a question of staying alive you
don't have to fuck over others to survive the question is
what's good enough how much do you need to stop being tough
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