Ten Foot Pole - I Got Your Letter lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - I Got Your Letter lyrics

this morning's light met me in the closet, finally found your fear and loathing, i swear i always meant to give it back, now i don't know who to give it to, i close my eyes and i shut my mouth, never thought that this could ever happen here, got your letter can you see me read it? did you find what you were looking for? i would like to ask you was it worth it? but you won't, but you can't explain anymore, we drive along in the lemons of our lives, they'll pay attention to us, gotta stay strong don't let them say we're wrong, til we write our final words, they found your rough draft in the garbage can, even your goodbye had every detail planned, i sent some flowers to your parents house, couldn't drag myself to watch them put you down, i took a walk to where we used to eat, the memory of your laughter filled my beer, it's so unreal that i still can't believe, i still expect that i'll lookup to find you here
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