Ten Foot Pole - Nothing To Lose lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - Nothing To Lose lyrics

as we ride up the mountain i can hear the young ones brag, just how much they drank last night and all the little girls they've had, there's nothing that i'd like more than to teach humility, i'll leave these little bastards in the trees, as we fly down the mountain i can tell it will be close, the new kids have that hungry look my knees are feeling old, i can feel it getting squirrelly as i push for a little speed, i think about my josephine and the money that we need, last year a friend of mine hit a little tree,

i keep on saying to myself "it's not gonna happen to me", he never walked the same again, how long till my luck runs out? no fear. no doubts, i never used to worry about all the little things that could go wrong, no fear no pain, i just have to ignore the brain, just go on pretending i have nothing to lose, the hairpin turn i see my chance to slide right through the gap, one mistake we'll all be gone i never used to think of that, i hit the brakes and pull aside i feel the new kids sneer, but if they're smart they'll do the same thing in a couple years
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