Ten Foot Pole - Still Knee Deep lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - Still Knee Deep lyrics

dad can you turn the tv down? this won't take long, i've got something to say, don't pour a drink you've had enough, and when i'm done i'll get out of your way, it's time to talk about it, we've been living in denial, it's time to have it out, still knee deep in shit, i guess i should get over it, it seems that nothing will hide the scar, i thought i didn't care to know that you were never there, i guess i always felt you were so far, I worked so hard to win your trust to earn respect, to get you to notice me, i won the game i won the race,

i had to be the best a room full of hollow trophies, i guess i did it for you, i don't think you ever noticed, i did it all for you, both feet on the ground, i wish you would calm down, I wish you would remember just who you really are, and i cannot forget you left me all alone, never bothered to pick up the phone, i guess i'll hit the bar, there's nothing you can say to make it go away, there's nothing you can do i don't rely on you, i thought that we could talk i thought i could forgive, i thought that we could mend the fences
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