Ten Foot Pole - The Getaway lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - The Getaway lyrics

please don't chase me anymore, nearly forgot just what i'm running for, i meant no harm, my gas pedal is to the floor; people watch this on tv, never thought that this could happen to me, i can't stop now and it still seems like a dream, never thought i'd hurt someone, now i see you clutching your gun, you're playing for keeps, there's no place left to run, i had to make a choice i made it, if i had another chance i'd take it, i've got to find a way to make a getaway, today my future looked so bright, all it took was one red light, the sirens were close behind, my brain said fight or flight, so i ran from my mistake, not the best choice i could make, the helicopter reminds me that this time there' s no lucky break, i always did things my own way, never cared what the experts say, I thought they were so full of shit, i guess it's time to pay, i always dreamed i'd have it all, never thought i'd take the fall, and now i've run out of chances and all i can see is the wall
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