Ten Foot Pole - With You By My Side lyrics
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Ten Foot Pole - With You By My Side lyrics

With you by my side I feel intoxicated.
Your perfume invades my senses.
Each breath, like inhaling gas fumes,
asphyxiates the inner voice that begs me to leave.

Angry acids lay siege upon my stomach,
the mere thought of food repulsive to me.
When I force myself to eat, even my favorite dishes
taste like I'm feasting upon your cigarette ashes.

Withe you by my side, I feel my heartbeat racing
like I'm fleeing dogs sent to attack.
Each breath, shoter than the last one,
triggers thoughts of flat lines in emergency rooms.

Don't think my life has ever been so threatened.
My flesh crawls, wants to leap off this frame.
Cover you like a net so I can claim you at last-
no more nights wondering what you did with your ex-boyfriend.

Our first months together made me feel complete.
I thought I'd finally found her- the woman of my dreams.

With you by my side, I feel light as ether,
my body begins to disappear.
A shot wakes me from my slumber-
can't survive another day withe you by my side.
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