Chimaira - Pictures In The Goldroom lyrics
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Chimaira - Pictures In The Goldroom lyrics

Dark room opens
No light for years
No way to find out
How long has it been

Screams heard from a distance
The shredding sounds of pain
Looking for reasons
Slowly becoming insane

Four eyes staring
Such evil eyes
Picturing them
No longer alive

Years ago
There was loss of control
Constant horrific nightmares
Life turned into a deadly maze
The haunting sounds play on
No more bruised feelings

Can it shine through this
Will it ever shine
The pictures in the gold room

No light
Can be this bright
Death is only a way
Desire and temptation
I lost you

False hope and rejection
Revenge and repercussion

Rejection, revenge, false hope
Repercussion fade to extinction

No way to explain
The blame has to be given
A wrongful accusation
Only stirs the rage
A fire that cannot be put out
Can only enjoy the insanity
To become the nightmares
Will end the dreams

Cold winter chills
No escape
Will this ever end
This is the final maze
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