Mike Oldfield - Discovery lyrics
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Mike Oldfield - Discovery lyrics

(feat. Barry Palmer)

When You Want The Score
When You Need A Helping Hand
When You Find Closed Doors
When You're Back Where You Began
Keeping Those Secrets
Telling Those Lies
Can Anybody Tell Me What's The Big Surprise?


Who Has The Chance To Have It All?
Give Me Some Truth And Stop Makin' Me Cry!

How Can You Sleep?
How Can You Turn Away?
Thinking So Cheap
Someday You're Gonna Pay!
You're Keeping Secrets
I Can See In Your Eyes
Can Anybody Tell Me Why The Big Disguise?

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Please, Give Me Some Chance
Give Me Some Confidence
Would You Please Set Me Free?
Oh, Someone, Deliver Me!
Who's Keeping Secrets?
I Got My Spies
Does Anybody Think We Live In Paradise?

(Repeat Chorus Twice)
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