Alicia Keys - Fight lyrics
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Alicia Keys - Fight lyrics

Where's your faith for jesus

Um hmmmm
Um hmmmm
Um hmmmm
Um hmmmm

You think I don't understand
You think your baby don't know what's goin on.
How come everyone keeps telling me what my own two eyes should see.
Where's your faith in me?

1- I still got love for you.
And I'm still gonna pray for you.
And still got hope for you.
And I'm still gonna make my move.
I don't care what they say to you.
Still got a thing to do.
Fight is all I knew.
So what am I supposed to do.

2- as I'm willing to fight (fight!) fight for you.
Didn't come all this way, just to lose.
Didn't give you my heart so you could break it.
We're gonna make it.
Even if I have to fight for you.

Um hmm (huh!)
Say um hmmm (huh!)
Um hmm (huh!)

Freedom is a basic right (basic right)
You can't take what's mine (take what's mine)
I wont let nobody hold me down.
Gotta fight
Gotta keep my dignity (hey)
Gotta do what I believe
Can't you stand up to them, take a stand (hey)

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 twice

Cuz I will if I have to
If I have to I will
You know I will if I have to.
If I have to I will.
You know I will if I have to.
If I have to I will.
Oh I'm not gonna stand here watchin
Stand here and watch you turn your back on me
Said I'll fight for you baby.

Ooh ho
Oh ho
Oh hmm
Oh hmm
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