Sizzla - Anytime Now lyrics
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Sizzla - Anytime Now lyrics

Yayayaya Selassie is the almighty I
Wo yow, My meditation going like a dove

Wo, stop alla keep failing
To fulfill black people words, hey
King Selassie I me hailing
Anna dem go trouble poor people first

Anytime now
babylon dem a go ge a red
'Fraid, babylon a get 'fraid
Anytime now
di prisoners dem a go escape
Slave master place a go blaze
Anytime now
Police dem a go get a red
'Fraid, government a get 'fraid
Anytime now
Babylon, yuh must get a red
Nuff cutchi man nuff a dem run go shave

Woi, I'd rather to be
With the people I lead
Give dem my daily strength
And showing dem a dearly need
And I'd rather to see
more love than grief
That's the only way di ghetto youths a go achieve
And I rather to be
With the people in need
Babylon system only come yah so fi deceive
I rather to listen a nah to word receive
Dem a go cut di woman breast and bust di man dem seed
Mussa perish, long time me see it
Black people back up an yard inna di east
Tell di Indian say fi go look fi dem chief
Tell di white man from a Europe, go island seek
Hey, Rastaman no got no secret a keep
There will be a weeping an a wailing an a gnashing of teeth
Come out inna di clear, behind wall dem a peep
Nothing fi di white man, black man nah do it
Black woman, stop sweep di white woman street
Di ghetto youths go study babylon technique
A so me see say
Vatican get defeat

Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
'Fraid, Babylon a get 'fraid
Anytime now
Yah, redder fire deh go blaze
Stop treat people like slave
Anytime now
Di prisoners dem a go escape
Too long dem deh in deh yah bake
Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
Man haffi go repatriate

Dem make dem sattelite and dem launch it a space
Mash up di o-zone layer
Babylon a fake
Sun a burn redder, and it a strip dem face
Could deh dem look like all (?) weh dey bake
Watch a make di Rastaman deal wid dem case
Ask dem dis question before it too late
Babylon, a why yuh dump your toxic waste
You no see say dat yuh make a big mistake
Now tell me who end up like bait
Dem hold down black people
to send white people through di gate
Woi, Rastaman a agitate
Revolution, caw we must repatriate

Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
'Fraid di government get fraid
Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
Dem seperate we and still wan' enslave
Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
and Mister babylon, you nah save
Anytime now
Babylon dem a go get a red
Because di prisoners dem a go escape

Di whole a dem a dis di I-ncient of days
Got inna di Atlantic Ocean
Gone fire dem lace
Fi make di iceburg fi return di ice age
Di west a go sink when di water table raise
Babylon you stink, an yuh wan bad
Yo no badda think di youth a tell you dis brave
I black mother nah be your maid
Work me black father, and dem never get paid
Oh, babylon so much a we a come a enslave
I build di building, di road dem we pave
See dem now, see dem now, see dem now
From yuh dis your own a judgement you made

(repeat 1st chorus till fade)
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