Sizzla - Burn Dem Turf lyrics
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Sizzla - Burn Dem Turf lyrics

And now the one that's rised so high as the most high
Emperor Selassie I
Say one love
Well red

Show we them a fi go burn dem turf
No take no bribe from no friends fi start the fire we a burn eh
Show me them and we go cleanse them first
No take no bribe from no friend
A no fire we a purge

Verse 1:
Fi Africa we chant, this is for real
A vanity them still want
That's why all now them a feel
Done know them hungry
This is them meal
Run go touch Emmanuel
Well I hope you shall go pleased
Well, partial wolf, under bull a dead you're dead
Know bout a bull, it's you commercial dread
Give me the whole entourage and make me bun it down red
Whole a them a camouflage
Cause them a work with threats
And now them bow to them weakness
Can't take the trodding
Me haffi bring me sword
And me haffi bring the sling
Go on and on in as the cold you a go lose everything
This one you have fi know, check out the youths them living
Other than that me know
You're even into the racketeering
Used to call me malice, a majestical King
I come fi stop the ghetto youths them killing
And all what you have will be burning, yearning


Verse 2:
This is our blackness, what you require ?
I and I no love slackness, that a pagan desire.
See him just a practice
Now a you them a follow.
A compete fi heartness
And a prove who badder
And every day them come speechy by
Exposing the woman them shame, but why ?
Whole a unnuh in a the game
So all look out for who a cry
Stab who right and fag way Babylon buy
Corruption full you bag, until you can't satisfy.
The whole of them want mob
Tell them righteousness a King Selassie I


Verse 3:
Tell them say who we hotta than heat
Hail King Selassie rather than the beast
The whole of them heavens and sevens this a reach
Blackness never look good when it bleach
Fire too hot them have fi hide and a creep
Free up the glory of the earth is so sweet
I and I inherit it to share with each
Seventy two nations go and wash him feet

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1
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