Frank Zappa - A Few Moments With Brother A. West lyrics
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Frank Zappa - A Few Moments With Brother A. West lyrics

Artist: Frank Zappa
Title: A Few Moments With Brother A. West

This is spoken with the style and accent of an evangelist preacher from the
southern United States.]

Thank you very much, Mr. Zappa.

Ah, I'm very pleased to be here on behalf of the Administration-- the most
powerful government in the world. And, uh, Mr. Fitzwater invited me to come
here tonight to create some balance, because there has been some things
done by Mr. Zappa that I think are unfair to our country.

I think, from the beginning, to say that this is going to be balanced, when
he has this *lingerie* up here, and makin' fun of *children's toys*, as a
beginning, if this is what he has in mind, I think he's wrong.

It's people like Mr. Frank Zappa that kept the Senate from being able to send
arms to the democratic freedom fighters in Nicaragua! And I, for one, am
headin' down there myself, as soon as I finish up here tonight.

And I want the elected official, Mr. Charlie Sanders the Democrat, to
remember that "Democrat" begins with a "D", just like DEMON! And we'll
remember you, friend, when it comes votin' time. And Margaret Boyd[?]
and Carmen Belacord[?], despite ...[?] habit, did some help to back things

Friends, these forms cost money. And this money could be going towards a
more powerful military; this money could be going towards driving out the
illegal aliens. Instead, Mr. Zappa wants to have a bunch of young, uninformed
18 to 21-year-olds votin' here, and spendin' your money.

And I just want you to know that tonight, I *love* him anyway. Because I've
got love in my heart, and I'm not afraid of the fact that he turned this into
some kind of zoo up here.

Sunday--that's not fair, Mr. Zappa--Sunday night used to be a night in which
Americans would get together. They'd go to their place of worship, and they
would share. And I don't know why, on this night which is supposed to be
Valentine's night, there aren't more people that have a heart that have a
love affair with America. But instead, they're here on Sunday night,
worshipping this man who's demon-possessed!

I ask you, Mr. Frank Zappa, what kind of man can name a child Moon Unit?
What kind of man can name a child Weasel? What kind of man can name a child Ohman?
To me, it defies the logic.

And I'm comin' here tonight because I want to share with him, just the same
way we're going to give spirit power to the democratic freedom fighters down
there, our brothers that wanna have the freedom to be able to have a man
like Pat Robertson. To have a man like Mr. Dole. Restore, America!

And I'm gonna ask the power and the joy and the power of the living king of
kings, and a lot of you here, you smut-minded, musical people say, "King of
kings, that must be Elvis". No, I'm gonna ask for the power and ask for the
glory. I'm gonna now, I'm gonna tell you a story. I'm gonna drive out the
demons, friends. I'm gonna ask you to help this badness end. Come on
Frank, let's have a story. Come on now share the glory. Do you feel the
power? Come on, put out the negativity...
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