Emanon - The Waiting Room lyrics
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Emanon - The Waiting Room lyrics

September on the ides 1 – 5, mother's alive and living
Autumn is winding and leaves are changing color
No other could have persisted through the winter spring and summer
To eventually be the bringer of the thunder
A new comer to life, new year, day seven
Trembling with a roar for a lifetime more
Twenty-five percent sent to the lint that falls
Below ground zero a hero that rarely calls
The mating tune, the cycle looms
In the spring with a butterfly and two flowers that bloom
I sit in the waiting room reading Aristotle and Hume
Feed the pathways of development so I could consume
A new tune in June or July the next moon
Tri-deci the fly messy rhythm of X tunes
I treck dunes, and catch wasps in my eyebrows
Hoping that someday as I was born I will die loud
A lone cloud in the sky dreams in the eye get clearer
Circular forces force the center ever nearer
I enter as a steerer of this ship trying another tune
Spinning around the waiting room

I stepped into the shoes of the wrong half stepping heathen
Ask me what I'm believing, ask me who I'm deceiving
Who's life am I retrieving, karma karma chameleon
One in a million feeling, steeling my soul asylum
Prayer for prayers sake a tear drop from wake to wake
Filling the crying lake passage from state to state
Ask me who do I hate, evil masters of pergatory
Tell me the righteous story spiritual holy glory
After me or before me, everything's honky dory
Or better yet black and sadness, I had this
Thought of when I fought demons in my dreaming
Gleaming like water drops, sin I me's swirling hot
Blood clots the number seven the reverend told me to stop
Lying into his eye and today and tomorrow trying
My mother and sister's crying, why it's because I'm dying
Soul in the sky I'm flying, angels my body's spying
Reincarnation, annihilation abomination and God's creation
Aloe Blacc's the manifestation ready and waiting
A life's wonder that I stay in, bend down to my knees prayin'
And then I say Amen

Sunsets are wondrous aspects of days
All work no play makes the mind grow old
Swiftness, I bless like the wind I sway
I only observe the play never bought nor sold
Keep it under control or better yet not at all
I like to watch sunrise get lost in nightfall
We hear the wolves call at the moon they ball
And still the babes root for the nectar of breast
These breaths from my chest must eminate
No judgment is past in passing I am great
To none I stand above the motions set sail
To one I am great, to me I prevail
From raindrops to hail I flow like hardwater
Pledge allegiance to past lives tithe my alma mater
Sever the weak limb and swim like blew thoughts
Animosity could never win in this battle I fought, I just float on

Have you seen the sun set, not yet, we're still rising
Have you seen the sun set, not yet, we're still rising
Have you seen the sun set, not yet, we're still rising
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