Emo Side Project - Abc's lyrics
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Emo Side Project - Abc's lyrics

A is for Asshole, the neighbor next door
B is for Barney, that purple dinosaur!
C is for Cats, those crazy felines.
D is for Doug and Skeeter Valentine.
E is for Easy just like your Mom,
F is for Fucking her all night long.
G is for Goats going Mehh in a boat
H is for Hating the stupid Po-Po's
I is for 50 Cent's In the club
J is for Jay Z, Nigga, Hit It Up
K is for Kicking Ass, It's what I do best.
L is for Licking Britney Spears left breast.

Dustin: Hey, how's reading the new harry potter book going? Did he die yet?
Andrew: Hey, how was getting caught jerking off by your mom last night?
Dustin: Dude, harsh.

M is for Making silly faces at a Monkey
N is for New Found Glory being sucky
O is for Going Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi!
P is for Punk Kids beating up Fall Out Boy
Q is for Questioning some stupid ass whore.
R is for Rolling around on the floor!
S is for Star Wars, which really really sucks,
T is for Taking it up the butt.
U is for Umbrellas, which save me from the rain!
V is for Vaginas, which I love to tame.
W is for a Walrus with sunglasses on,
X is for playing Xylophone in the lawn.
Y is for Yoddling in the Sea
Z is for Zebras singing their ABC's.

I have a confession to make;
Andy Milonakis is hiding Ricky Martin in his underpants
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